Bayt El Hikmah, is an online open access journal that integrates the concept of architecture from the Islamic and locality perspectives. This journal publishes biannually (June and December) by the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology of UIN Ar-Raniry. The journal’s scopes are not limited to only the architectural research-based, but also extend to architectural design-based, including housing and settlement, urban, landscape, disaster, heritage, building sciences and welcomes any particular topics that are related to Islamic architecture and locality.

This journal accepts manuscripts written in both Indonesian and English, and will be peer-reviewed by experts in the field.The name of Bayt El Hikmah itself comes from Arabic: بيت الحكمة‎ , which means House of Wisdom (Rumah Hikmah). Bayt EL Hikmah was the center for intellectual research during the Islamic Golden Age. Furthermore, the presence of the Bayt El Hikmah Journal is expected to be one of the references for researchers who are conducting research, especially on the topics of Islamic architecture and locality.