ANEUK MEUDAGANG TRADITION IN DAYAH: A STUDY ON SANTRIWATI MEUDAGANG AT DAYAH AL-IKHLAS Tradisi Aneuk Meudagang di Dayah: Kajian Santriwati Meudagang di Dayah Al-Ikhlas

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Karnila Nazaruddin
Ajidar Matsyah


This article is about "Aneuk Meudagang Tradition in Dayah (A Study on Santriwati Meudagang at Dayah Al-Ikhlas). The purpose of this research is to examine how the general description of the meudagang tradition in Aceh and to know the aneuk meudagang tradition that takes place in Dayah Al Ikhlas. It applies qualitative approach with data collected through interviews, observation and documentation. The data obtained in the field were analysed through conclusions from existing results. The results of this research shows that Santri or often called Aneuk Meudagang in an important element of a Dayah. The practice of studying at Dayah is called meudagang (pursuing religious knowledge) which normally requires a long period of time. There is no set schedule to finish which means that a santri comes and leaves the dayah whenever he or she decides to. Some students study in several dayahs, moving from one dayah to another after several years of studies. The tradition of Santri/ Aneuk Meudagang is a practice needed to know further. Santriwati at the Al Ikhlas dayah are educated with a pattern of simplicity which aims to practice a simple life. Also, Qana’ah (accepting what it is) as reflected in the faces of the Dayah Al Ikhlas students. Unlike in the context of life in formal institutions, students' simplicity is manifested in all aspects of life, starting from the way they dress, behave, cook, and interact without discrepancy between the rich and the poor.

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