Editorial Policies

Al-Ijtima'`i: International Journal of Government and Social Science, is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal, published by the Faculty of Social and Government Sciences, Universitas Islam Negeri Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh. Al-Ijtima`'i published since 2015 with E-ISSN: 2549-6921 and P-ISSN: 2476-9029, published 2 times of year (April, and October), and published online by the end of the month of the edition.

Focus and Scope

Al Ijtima'i: International Journal of Government and Social Science is an open access and peer-reviewed journal. The main objective of this journal is to disseminate original manuscripts by researchers and practitioners on a wide range of contemporary social and political issues including: Local Politics and Regional Autonomy; Politics and Gender Identity; Digital Society and Disruption; Civil Society Movements; Community Welfare; Social Development; Citizenship and Public Management; Public Policy Innovation; Public Administration; International Politics and Security; Media, Information and Literacy; Politics, Governance and Democracy; Radicalism and Terrorism.

Section Policies


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Reviewer Process

  1. Reviewer conducts reviews or scannings the submitted manuscripts to see if they are in accordance with their field of expertise or not. Reviewer has the right to refuse it if it is not in accordance with their expertise and competence, and the Section Editor can transfer it to another suitable reviewer;
  2. The manuscript is reviewed in a double-blind review system (without the identity of the author and reviewer);
  3. Reviewers conduct article reviews based on the substance of the manuscripts (article quality) within a maximum period of 4 weeks since the article is received. If within the time period, the manuscript review has not been completed, the reviewer must give confirmation to the Editor in Chief;
  4. During the manuscript review process, reviewers provide a manuscript assessment through the review checklist form / list available in this electronic journal application. If you find it difficult, reviewers can evaluate the manuscript manually on the review checklist form (Ms. Word format) sent by the Section Editor;
  5. The review result is returned to the Section Editor;
  6. The reviewer provides a decision on the review result, such as:
    • Accept Submission;
    • Revisions Required;
    • Resubmit for Review;
    • Resubmit Elsewhere;
    • Decline Submission;
    • See Comments;

Open Access Policies

This journal provides open access which in principle makes research freely available to the public and will support the largest global knowledge exchange.


This journal uses the LOCKSS system to create a distributed archiving system among participating libraries and enables them to create permanent archives of journals for preservation and restoration purposes. More...


Al-Ijtima`i is a scientific periodical journal published twice a year (April and October).

Publication Procedure

Submission of a manuscript to this journal implies that it has not been received or submitted to another journal and that the author has obtained the appropriate permission to use the data obtained and contained in the manuscript with the following conditions:

  1. It is important that the writer prepares the manuscript according to the specified guideline. Failure to follow it, may result in your manuscript being delayed;
  2. The use of good, understandable and correct English or Bahasa Indonesia is the main criteria that has to be fulfilled. The writer must ensure that the script does not have language problems. Otherwise, it will be rejected at pre-assessment. A proofreading is highly recommended;
  3. Manuscripts must be in the Microsoft Word file (using the Al-Ijtima`i Journal template) and submitted via the Al-Ijtima`i Journal website;
  4. Referencing is based on the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) style. Documents that do not match the journal submission criteria will be returned to the sender for correction;
  5. Al-Ijtima`i is a peer-reviewed and open access scientific journal - not a commercial onel. But the process of updating, capacity expansion, technical improvement and daily maintenance of journals requires funding;
  6. All manuscripts submitted to the Al-Ijtima`i will be peer reviewed. Al-Ijtima`i adheres to a double-blind peer-review process according to international standards. Both the reviewer and the author are anonymous. Author anonymity prevents reviewer bias, for example based on the author's country of origin or previous controversial work;
  7. The final result of the manuscript review is sent to the author within 4-5 weeks of working days. If revisions are needed, the authors are asked to submit the revised manuscript back by including suggestions and recommendations from peer-reviewers. To facilitate fast publication, authors are given a maximum of six weeks for revisions from the date of notification and our system will send reminders every two weeks to authors. After six weeks, revised manuscripts will usually be considered as new submissions;
  8. Authors whose manuscripts are accepted, will be notified and will receive a copy of publishing proof. The responsibility for accuracy in the final copy rests with the author. All submissions are subject to final approval by the Editor in Chief.

Plagiarism Policy

Al-Ijtima`i strongly condemns the practice of plagiarism. All manuscripts received must pass an examination for the degree of similarity. Every manuscript entered into the Al-Ijtima`i Journal will be processed for plagiarism screening using www.turnitin.com. We consider that 'Plagiarism is a crime'. Plagiarism occurs when a writer takes ideas, information, or words from other sources without proper credit to the source. Even when it occurs accidentally, plagiarism is still a serious academic offense, and cannot be accepted in international academic publications. When authors learn specific information (name, date, place, statistical number, or other detailed information) from a particular source, citations are required. (This is only forgivable in the case of general knowledge, where data is available from more than five sources or constitutes general knowledge).

When you publish your work with Al-Ijtima`i, you enter into a legal agreement. This means that we, from Al-Ijtima’i, and you as the author agree to certain rights and responsibilities, and promise to act in a way that is lawful. All material published by Al-Ijtima`i is protected by international copyright and intellectual property laws. Al-Ijtima’i is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 International License (CC-BY-SA) or equal with an optimal license for the publication, distribution, use and reuse of scientific works. Access permissions outside the scope of this license may be available in digital libraries and open access journal databases. Copyright aims to specifically protect articles to describe original researchs and results. Al-Ijtima’i is committed to protecting and maintaining the work and reputation of its authors. We take allegations of misconduct, plagiarism, ethical disputes and fraud seriously. If the author is aware of the possibility of plagiarism, fraud, or violations, we recommend to contact Al-Ijtima`i so you can connect you with our legal department. Note that certain open-access user licenses may permit a fairly extensive reuse that might constitute copyright infringement.

Copyright Notice

Authors who publish in this journal agree to the following terms:

  1. The author owns the copyright and gives the journal the first publication rights with the work simultaneously licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY-SA) which allows others to share works with authorship acknowledgment and early publication in this journal (See Influence Open Access);
  2. Authors are permitted and encouraged to post their work online (eg, in institutional repositories or on their website) before and during the submission process, as this can lead to productive exchanges, as well as earlier and larger citations of published work;
  3. Authors may make separate additional contractual arrangements for the non-exclusive distribution of published journal versions of the work (eg, posting them to institutional repositories or publishing them in a book), with acknowledgment of the work originally published in this journal;
  4. All views expressed in this work are those of the author and not those of the Editorial Board of Al-Ijtima’i. Al-Ijtima`i cannot be responsible for the views, opinions, and written statements of authors or researchers published in Al-Ijtima’i.


Al-Ijtima’i is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 International License (CC-BY-SA) or equal with an optimal license for the publication, distribution, use and reuse of scientific works. Access permissions outside the scope of this license may be available in digital libraries and open access journal databases. This license allows anyone to write, correct, and create derivative creations even for commercial purposes, as long as appropriate credit and proper recognition of the original publication of the journal are made to enable users to trace back to the original manuscripts and authors.

Reference Management

Every manuscript submitted to the Al-Ijtima’i is recommended to use reference management in the process of citation and bibliography writing by using APA Style 6th.

Cost of Publication

Al-Ijtima`I does not charge any fees to the author. There is no fee for the review, editing, or publication process.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered on the journal site will only be used for the stated purposes, will not be misused for other purposes or for other parties.