INDONESIAN JOURNAL OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE (IJLIS) accepts research article submissions or downloads which contain several fields which are released 1) Library and Information Science; 2) Library Management; 3) Library Information and Communication; 4) Library Philosophy; 5) Library Technology; 6) Islamic Library; 7) Librarian Professional Ethics; 8) Documentation and Information Management; 9) Development of Library and Information Human Resources, 10) Librarian and Information Leadership; 11) Media Technology; 12) Library and Information Softwere Design; 13) Digital Asset Management; 14) Media Technology; 15) Archives and the Profession of Archives; 16) Digital Archiving; 17) Cataloging; 18) Electronic Records Management; 19) Literacy Movement; 20) Information Literacy; 21) Processing of Library Material; 22) Marketing and Repackaging of Information; 23) Preservation and Conservation 24) Information Security Law; and 25) Documentation and Publication.