Indonesian Journal of Library and Information Science invites scholars to submit research articles related to accepts articles of research or thought that cover several fields including 1) Library and Information Science; 2) Library Management; 3) Library Information and Communication; 4) Library Philosophy; 5) Library Technology; 6) Islamic Library; 7) Librarian Professional Ethics; 8) Documentation and Information Management; 9) Development of Library and Information Human Resources, 10) Librarian and Information Leadership; 11) Media Technology; 12) Library and Information Software Design; 13) Digital Asset Management; 14) Media Technology; 15) Archives and the Profession of Archives; 16) Digital Archiving; 17) Cataloging; 18) Electronic Records Management; 19) Literacy Movement; 20) Information Literacy; 21) Processing of Library Material; 22) Marketing and Repackaging of Information; 23) Preservation and Conservation 24) Information Security Law; and 25) Documentation and Publication.The articles will be published twice a year (June and December).