• Syahril M Yusuf Universitas Serambi Mekkah Banda Aceh, Indonesia
Keywords: Corona Virus, Symbolic, Violence


The new virus is now known as the corona virus. Corona virus is a virus that attacks the respiratory system. A disease due to viral infection is called COVID-19. The majority of cases there is a corona virus in Wuhan, China. In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the corona virus as a pandemic. Pandemic COVID-19 becomes much discussed worldwide. This study aims to look at the impact of social phenomenon with the presence of the corona virus through various media; both print and electronic that led to symbolic violence. The results showed that the symbolic violence is present in a variety of ways with specific objectives.

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M Yusuf, S. (2021). COVID-19 DAN KEKERASAN SIMBOLIK. Al-Ijtima`i: International Journal of Government and Social Science, 7(1), 1-12.