Author Guideline

| The Article

  1. All articles must be submitted to SADIDA's Journal editorial by online submission at: Register where author register as Author and/or offered as Reviewer by online. If authors have any problems on the online submission, please contact  technical support at the following contact page.
  2. Any articles submitted in this journal should be scientific (research articles), original and has not been published and/or sent to any journal or media. The writer should sign the statement letter which strengthen about this issues by confirming the submission checklist.
  3. The content of the article relates to focus and scope of SADIDA Journal. The translated of a manuscript is not accepted.
  4. The manuscript is written in English and Bahasa Indonesia (optional) which fulfills the criteria of good and correct writing.
  5. The length of article is around 4000 to 7000 words with 1,5pt space, typed in MS-Word, with Times New Roman font size 12 on A4 paper (the margin for right, left, top and down is 2 cm). Please download the Article Template file.
  6. Due to blind review policy, the author must submit two file, 1st file with author name and email, and 2nd file remove any trace of identification such as name(s) and e-mail address in the submitted manuscript file.

| The abstract should:

  1. Written in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  2. Provides a synopsis of the entire article.
  3. Starts with the broad context of the study, followed by specific background for the study.
  4. Describes the purpose, methods and procedures, core findings and results, and conclusions of the study.
  5. Emphasizes new or important aspects of the study.
  6. Be understandable to a diverse audience (avoid using jargon).
  7. Be a single paragraph of less than 250 words.
  8. Not contain citations or uncommon abbreviations.

| The Reference and Citation Type

Write the reference on footnote, with continous number from last page. And citation type use APA type. Using Mandeley as reference tools.

Footnote Example:1


1A. Rani Usman, Komunikasi Antar Budaya, Obor Publishing, Jakarta. 2012. p. 64

| The Bibliography

Write bibliography on the last of article, with 1pt space. Using APA type.

| The Article Template File

We provide Article template for standarize our design, please download the template file here.

| The Statement Letter Template file

When submited the article, author must to fill statement letter from this template, upload with signed author. Please download The letter template here.