Author guidelines


  1. The article has not yet published on other media and does not contain plagiarism element.
  2. Article should at least consist of these parts: Introduction, Theoretical Review, Research Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and Recommendations, and References
  3. Article must be written on A4 paper size with 12pt font size and 1,15 line spacing.
  4. Direct quotation should be typed using single line spacing and in indented style.
  5. Page margins should be 2.54 cm for top and bottom, 1.9 for left and right
  6. Article should be written efficiently in approximately 15-25 pages. And all pages must be numbered, including reference and appendix.
  7. Authors are encouraged to use Mendeley application for citation and referencing.
  8. Manuscript must follow JIBES's template of manuscript.

Structure of Article

  1. The title should be accurate and unambiguous and should be interesting and informative to grab the reader's attention. And should consist of no more than 15 words
  2. Abstract, are written preferably from 100-150 words. Abstract should provide summary of purpose of the article, method, result and conclusion. Abstract should also be followed by keywords of 3-5 words in order to help preparing the article index.
  3. Introduction, provides explanation of research background, purpose of the research, and research contribution.
  4. Theoretical Review, contained must be relevant to the title of the research.
  5. Research Method, describes research plan or research design, research object and target (population and sample), technique in collecting research data, research model, and technique used for analysis.
  6. Result and Analysis, presents result of data analysis, hypothesis testing, answer of research question, as well as finding and its interpretation.
  7. Conclusion, describes the research conclusion, limitation of the research, and suggestions for conducting future research.
  8. Reference, lists all sources used for writing the article.

Table and Figure (Graph)

  1. Table and figure should be efficiently presented (only for table and figure with the result of data) and are placed on the article. Table and figure presented on the appendix are to show the data processing.
  2. Table and figure must be numbered in sequence and be given a title that reflects its contents.
  3. Reference of table and figure must be mentioned on the article.
  4. Author should mention on the article where table and figure are attached.
  5. Table and figure should be able to be interpreted without referring to the article.
  6. Source of table and figure should also be presented.
  7. Figure must be prepared in a printable version.


Citation on text is written between open and close parenthesis mentioning author’s surname, year without comma, and page number if necessary.

  1. One source of citation with one author: (Muhammad, 2020); two authors: (Muhammad dan Yusuf 2020); more than two authors: (Muhammad et al. 2019); more than one source of citation with different authors: (Muhammad 2016; Yusuf 2018); more than one source of citation with similar author: (Muhammad 2008, 2010).
  2. When referring to author with more than one article in the same year, use letter a, b, … after year on citation, e.g. (Muhammad 2009a, 2009b) or (Muhammad 2009a, Daud 2009b).
  3. When author’s name is mentioned on the text, the name does not have to be mentioned on citation, e.g. “Muhammad (2008) stated …”
  4. Source of citation from an institution’s work should mention the acronym of the institution, e.g. (IAI 2014).