Meaning in Two Paintings by Acehnese Artists

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Putra Hidayatullah


This article interprets two artworks by two contemporary painters in Aceh. First painting is entitled Di Tepi Zaman by Iswadi Basri which portray historical and everyday object, while the second is a calligraphy from one of the Koranic verses entitled Ath-Thalaq 7 by Said Akram. Using several approaches encompassing iconography and semiotics, the author argues that both artists are not only conveying beauty but also serve an act of delivering message. While the former focuses more on aspect of history, the latter takes part in the religious aspect by using koranic verses. Both of the works derives from their observations and respond towards social phenomenon in Aceh. Despite using art not only as beauty but also for critiques, both of the artists still holding conformity with religious values especially by avoiding figural objects in their works.

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